What makes us green?


Breathe Easy® Cabinetry is committed to environmental sustainability and to using only the highest quality environmentally preferable materials in our Cabinetry Collections.  Our Classic Collection carries FSC Certification and the materials and finishes in both collections meet the highest standards for healthy indoor air quality. 

GET LEED POINTS FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT!  Breathe Easy® Cabinets contribute towards LEED rating system credits. 

Breathe Easy Cabinetry® is an FSC® Chain of Custody Certified Distributor and proudly offers FSC® Certified Cabinetry as an option for our Classic Collection.


The materials used in our Classic Collection and Eco Collection carry the highest ratings for sustainability and healthy indoor air quality. Below is an overview of the materials used in the production of our Collections.  For more detailed product listings, please view the Collection Specification Pages. 

  CLASSIC COLLECTION - View full Specification Sheet

• Cabinet Boxes are constructed using Environmentally Preferable "green" solid 3/4" plywood.  This plywood from Columbia Forest Products has no formaldehyde in its binding agents and is durable as well as moisture resistant.  Both sides of the plywood are maple veneered and finished with a durable UV, low VOC water borne lacquer.

• Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts are constructed from rapdily renewable Teragren® bamboo, solid wood from managed forests or wood veneer on Arreis®, a sustainably designed fiberboard by Sierra Pine. 

• Stains and Paints are low and no VOC and Green Seal and/or Greenguard Certified.  The pre cat, clear top coat is also water borne, very low VOC and certified.  Detailed information can be supplied upon request.

Our Classic Collection carries FSC Certification



  ECO COLLECTION - View full Specification Sheet

• Cabinet Boxes are constructed using Environmentally Preferable no formaldehyde added birch plywood from Columbia Forest Products.

• Cabinet tops and bottoms are joined to cabinet ends using hardwood dowels glued with water based glue. Backs are dadoed into tops, bottoms, and ends, and are glued, pinned, and hot melt glued. Edge banding on face of cabinet matches the wood species of doors.

• Finishes consist of water base stains, paints & clear coat with low VOCs by Sherwin Williams.